Is Foreclosure Property Right for you?

Is a Foreclosure property right for you?

In the real estate business much of our time is spent educating clients on the various pros and cons of different types of properties:  Condos vs Single-Family, 55+ communities vs unrestricted developments, etc.    But the most difficult to explain is that of foreclosures vs. conventional residential sales.

It’s difficult because there isn’t a single roadmap that buyers can follow.  Each foreclosed property can have significantly different characteristics, requirements and bidding rules.

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Buyer’s Agent Versus Listing Agent

When looking to buy a house is it better to use the listing agent or a buyer’s agent?

This is often a question we are asked and one that is misunderstood in the marketplace. The answer is very simple. A Seller’s agent (or listing agent) has a fiduciary and confidentiality duty to only one party: the seller. They have a contract with the seller to get them the best offer for their home.

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